Modeling was done in Blender.
The Blend-File has Bevel Modifiers for a bit more realistic Edges and all Objects are grouped/parented for open/close the Door easily.
The Object-File has all Modifiers applied.
Materials are set up for Yafaray 0.1.5 only(ready for rendering).

Poly-Count: 32666 Faces(65228 Triangles)

Zip-File includes:
Blend-File(v. 2.68a)
Object-File(exported from Blender)

Available Soon

3D Model Door Interior
Door InteriorClose

Welcome to my site

My name is Ricardo Münch,

I am a freelance CGI Artist from Germany with a passion for Architecture and Design.
This place is supposed to show some of my personal artworks.

General 3D Modeling and Rendering(Available Soon)

Visualization of your Ideas as a 3D model or as a final rendered image.
Just send me your sketch, reference image or tell me your idea and I create it for you.

3D Modeling for 3D Printing(Available Soon)

It is the same procedure as
"General 3D Modelling and Rendering".
But at the end you will receive a 3D Model that is ready to get printed on a 3D Printer.

(There are some extra criterias for the 3D Model to print correctly.)

Architecture Visualization(Available Soon)

Creating the Visualizations from CAD-Floorplans, Reference Images or simple Pencil Drawings/Sketches for:

Interior and/or

Exterior Visualizations.

All Modeling is done with Blender.
Rendering is done in Yafaray or Luxrender.

Door 1

Door Interior


Ricardo Münch

Frohnbachstraße 89a

09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna